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Relaxation Audio with Candi

Dec 27, 2023

A calm and relaxing Bible reading of Psalms 25 through 28. This Christian relaxation script includes just brief relaxation and prayer followed by a reading of these Psalms from the Bible so you can meditate on the word of God. 

Bible translation from the Open English Bible, available at

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Let’s begin by taking a few moments to clear your mind so you can relax and hear from God. Close your eyes, get comfortable, and breathe.

Sit in silence, just breathing. 

Let your thoughts and worries go. 

Just breathe… quiet… still… restful.

Concentrate on the feeling of the air moving into your lungs as you inhale… and out slowly as you exhale. 

Ever so softly breathing… noticing the rise and fall of your chest with each calm breath.


Now that you have taken a moment of stillness, consider the things that have been on your mind lately. Take one minute to acknowledge and reflect on the things that are worrying you, or that you have to get done, or that you are facing right now. 

(Pause 1 minute)

You may want to give your worries to God by telling him about the things you are thinking about. I’ll pause for one  more minute to allow you time to share your thoughts with God in whatever way you may choose.

(Pause 1 minute)

Now I invite you to pray with me if you want to, or you can take these next few moments to spend with God in a way that feels meaningful to you. 

The relaxation script continues...