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Relaxation Audio with Candi

Jun 14, 2021

This relaxation audio is a reading of Psalms 1 through 8. Relax as you listen to God’s word.

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I will read Psalms 1 to 8 from the Open English Bible, which is available for free at As you listen, you may just want to quietly absorb God’s word, or you might want to pray. Some of these Psalms are prayers, and praying along with the Bible can be a good way to do a guided prayer. 

As you prepare for this Bible reading for relaxation and prayer, get comfortable. Take a deep breath, and let your mind become calm and settled as you exhale slowly. Get ready to listen to these Psalms, and hear what God may be speaking to you during this time together.

Take a moment of quiet to relax, breathe, and pray if you want to, and afterward we will begin with Psalm 1.